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The winery Viu Manent creates this 2019 Viu Manent Merlot Reserva, a red wine from Colchagua Valley made with merlot from the 2019 vintage and with a 14 percent alcohol content. According to Drinks&Co users, this red receives an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars. This wine discloses a great flower smell. It is the softest wine of Colchagua Valley.

Vineyard: Merlot from various Colchagua Valley vineyards with an average age of 18 years.

Climate: The 2018–2019 season began with a precipitation shortfall at the end of winter. The spring was cool, with precipitation falling in September and October, allowing us to postpone the first irrigation by one or two months. This resulted in a one-week delay in the phenological state. This resulted in a one-week delay in the phenological state. Summer temperatures reached 28oC until the last week of January, when various heat waves raised the highs to 36 or 38oC, causing a loss of uniformity during veraison, particularly in later-ripening varieties. This also resulted in the formation of a block, which slowed the ripening of these late-ripening varieties. In the case of the earlier ripeners, veraison occurred uniformly, and the heat caused the ripening to advance. Autumn was rather benign, with average high temperatures lower than normal, allowing us to wait calmly until the tannins softened, as they had appeared very dry due to high temperatures at one point.

Vineyard Management: All of the vines are trained to a low vertical shoot position and are pruned with a cane or a double guyot. To ensure good ventilation and light for the grapes, shoots are pulled in the spring and early summer, and leaves are manually pulled in early March.

Vinification methods: The grapes were destemmed and crushed before being placed in a stainless steel tank. Alcoholic fermentation took place at 24–26oC with selected yeasts, with light extraction achieved with only four pump overs per day. Malolactic fermentation occurred naturally, and 20% of the wine was aged in French oak barrels, with the remaining 80% remaining in stainless steel and concrete. The wine was lightly filtered and bottled after the final blend.

Oak: Approximately 20% of the wine was aged in used French oak barrels for 6 months.


Colchagua Valley, Chile

Alcohol Volume


Bottle Size



Red with violet glints. The aromas on the nose are primarily of fresh fruit, such as plum and cherry, with a subtle note of vanilla. The wine has a medium body, smooth tannins, and good balance on the palate, leading to a long finish with a fruity aftertaste.

Special Ingredients

Plum, Cherry, and Vanilla.



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