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Country Mexico
Alcohol Volume 38%
Bottle Size 700ml
Taste Sweet and Fresh With Slight Notes of Caramel
Special Ingredients Cooked Agave, Vanilla

The history of Casa Sauza dates all the way back to 1873, with three dons, each playing an integral role in the production of the world’s highest quality tequilas. Today, their legacy lives through each bottle of Casa Sauza.

Situated in Jalisco, Mexico, Sauza was founded in 1873 when Don Cenobio Sauza established La Perseverancia distillery. Owned by Beam Suntory, it’s headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. Their products include Sauza, Conmemorativo, Hornitos, and Tres Generaciones.

Their agave is harvested from Sauza's very own plantations, the agave fibers are prepped for a diffuser sugar extraction, yielding a solution of water and agave sugar. The agave mash is then fermented in stainless steel tanks using a proprietary blend of yeasts and nutrients, using closed tanks and an automated cleaning process.

The resultant liquid is twice distilled to 55-65% ABV, filtered using various methods such as carbon filters, through which tequila is filtered in cold temperatures to remove the excess fatty compounds that give tequila a cloudy appearance.

All of the containers and barrels used in production are made from American white oak with a smoky finish, which aligns with Sauza’s standards, and is used only for aging processes. Every sip of Sauza Gold has a signature fresh agave flavor plus an extra hint of cooked agave and vanilla.

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