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Alexander Walker II, a great blender, created JOHN WALKER & SONS XR 21. He committed his life to crafting great whiskies, much like his father and grandfather before him. The John Walker and Sons XR 21 is assured, balanced, and elegant, with unique layers of intensity that are both surprising and enjoyable, as are all of the whiskies from this top whisky brand. Warming smoke envelops sweet honey and balanced spices. Within notes of tobacco and raisins, citrus zest, ripened tropical fruits, and caramel swirl.The long, smooth, calming finish is complicated and fascinating, with a plethora of elements woven into a peaty tapestry. King George V knighted whisky maker Alexander Walker II in 1920 for his services to the nation and dedication to developing great whiskies. The XR 21 by Johnnie Walker and Sons was made to commemorate this momentous anniversary. It is made from the exclusive Johnnie Walker reserve of rare whiskies, all of which have been aged for a full 21 years, and is inspired by Sir Alexander's own handwritten notes. The blended Scotch whisky is unquestionably one of the top whiskies, with the majority of blended Scotch whisky reviews giving it five out of five stars.



Alcohol Volume 40%
Bottle Size 750 ml

Nose: Spiced apple, smokey wood, and toasted brioche, as well as subtle vanilla, honey, and fruits

Palate: Within notes of tobacco and raisins, citrus zest, ripened tropical fruits, and caramel swirl.This is followed by a smokey malt kick, followed by an abundance of orange and lemon peels.

Finish: The scent of raisins steeped in Sherry lingers for a long time.
Special Ingredients

Citrus zest, ripened tropical fruits, caramel swirl, tobacco and raisins. 



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