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In Australia, Shiraz has established itself as a significant grape variety. Shiraz is a dark-skinned grape variety produced all over the world, primarily for the production of red wine. Rose wine and sparkling red wine are made with little amounts of Shiraz. Shiraz grape wines have naturally intense flavours and a high tannin level. This one-of-a-kind grape also creates wines with a wide range of flavour characteristics, depending on the soils and climates where it is produced, as well as other viticultural practices. Horwing Shiraz 2019 has a crimson colour with inky blue violet undertones. A velvety, luscious mouthfeel is followed by a hint of pepper and gentle, lingering tannins. This outstanding example of Australian Shiraz has a scent of licorice and plum with substantial layers of black cherry.

Country Australia
Bottle size 750ml
Alcohol volume 13%
  • Color: it's a deep ruby.
  • Aromas: Pipe tobacco, camphor, clove, and dried flowers, with a blackberry reduction sauce.
  • On the Palate: This has a lot of flavors. Its silky smooth and full of velvety tannins. On the finish, there are notes of cocoa, blackberry brambles, and a hint of peppercorn.
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