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    A whiskey that has been put out by an Australian distillery. They are based in South Australia and they are known as the 23rd Street distillery now. This is I guess as a little bit of an experiment that they thought of doing.

I came across this little bottle and saw this bottle in one of our local bottle shops and I said it caught my eye straight away. Very awesome-looking label. I think the awesome thing is that I think from a lot of their products that they release, they tend to get their labels from local artists. So that's a really awesome way of supporting the local community and all that kind of thing.

Fantastic idea and it just looks fantastic. Now I'm just going to pour a little bit of this whisky so with me just a splash now reading the label on this particular bottle caught my attention straight away. Now, this is not obvious that is made by the 23rd Street Distillery. This has been something this is a whiskey that has been sourced. They have sourced their Scotch and bourbon and they have blended them together. Now I do not know where they have sourced these whiskies from but that's what they've done. So yeah, this is what they have caught their hybrid whiskey. I don't know if you can see that there on the label probably a bit blurry but yeah so that's the 23rd Street distillery in hybrid whiskey. Now let's get onto the review and see how we go. Now the noise is very young. A lot of tree sap notes a sweet touch of honey and quite woody but by woody, I'm going to go along the lines of not so much barrel spice.

It smells a lot like a fresh green stick or maybe like a new like say pine branch that has just fallen off the tree and you sound you've snapped it and you can smell all that SAP. That's a very dominant note in this alright so information let's see if I should have looked at this a bit beforehand. So, this is born about 42.3% so a little bit higher than the standard 40. Again, let's have a look at that color as well. Very light so I'm assuming no added color but I'm not too sure about that but yeah say it's a nice color. Very clean. Cheers. Now for me, this is where this whiskey kind of loses its nose is very interesting. The nose is quite enjoyable but unfortunately, the taste falls short and it's very thin. Not much of a mouthfeel.

The flavor is very sweet. So unfortunately say for me. I'm not a very big fan of overly sweet things so for those of you who have a sweet tooth, this is probably aimed a little bit more towards you and I think the other issue I have is that it kind of doesn't know what it wants to be. I think the concept is great but I don't know maybe just those particular types of bourbon and the Scotch that have been blended up. For me anyway to not really seem to go all that wall together as mentioned. It's a very light watery palate. Very much honey notes again that very strong tree sap is coming through. Again, not very spicy.

There really isn't a whole much going on and that's the same with the finish as well. Very light, very mellow. It's not a horrible aftertaste. It's quite clean so that's a good thing it is a very smooth whisky but for me unfortunately this is definitely not something that I will get again and I think that's pretty much. One thing that I wanted to mention more so about this particular whisky. Now I have tried their gin. I guess their standard release gin and that is absolutely incredible and if you are a gin fan then I highly recommend and they'll say the 23rd Street distillery gin.

So, having said that it seems to me that the product that they make themselves is of high quality and very good. Now, this is something that has been sourced. It has not been made by them and to be honest it should not be a reflection of what they can put out.

Country Renmark, South Australia
Alcohol Volume 42.3%
Bottle Size 700ml
Taste Hints of sweet sherry are lifted and sweetened by floral and fruity notes
Special Ingredients Scotch with Bourbon


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